International Women’s Day! Gender Equality and DRRM

There are many women and jobs done by women which are inspiring change across the region and the world.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince the 3rd anniversary of the triple disasters which hit Northeast Japan is approaching soon, 11 March, I would like to share some great jobs done by women’s networks for ensuring gender equality in disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM).

Integrating Gender and Diversity Perspectives into Disaster Response: The Support We Wanted! A Collection of Good Practice in Disaster Response based on the East Japan Disaster

“This booklet collects examples of disaster response activities undertaken by various organizations in, and after, the East Japan Disaster. It aims to provide advice for people without expertise to be able to provide effective assistance to each affected person with better consideration of diverse needs, and for disaster response workers and volunteers to be able to undertake their activities comfortably. We also aim that these examples will be used as an information package for a revision of local disaster prevention plans and/or for daily disaster prevention activities.”

It was published by the Women’s Network for East Japan Disaster (Rise Together). The copy in English is available on

Women’s Network for East Japan Disaster (Rise Together)


The network was set up two month after the disasters aiming to create enabling environment for the rights of vulnerable and diverse groups particularly women who were affected by the disasters in Northeast Japan.

The focus of the network is to:

  • Raise awareness and build capacity on gender equality and DRRM;
  • Advocate for mainstreaming gender equality at all levels;
  • Conduct researches and document women’s experiences in DRRM


Textbook on Gender and Disaster: Practice of DRRM from Gender Equality Perspective (basic level)

The network also produced the textbook which guides capacity and leadership building for and planning of DRRM at local level.

The topics include: gender-differentiated experiences and responses; support for vulnerable groups addressing diversity; national policy on gender equality and DRRM; a model programme for workshops on gender and disaster; etc.

The network has been providing services to organize workshops and send trainers.

For more information, please visit

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